Organic gardeners outcompete industrial farmers

A growing number of people believe that Russian gardeners, or dachniks, hold keys to the planetary survival. Why is this the case? Simply because on their minuscule plots of what was formerly marginal unproductive land, tens of millions of Russian families now grow more food than the total of the country's commercial agriculture. They require no government subsidies, are not dependent on fossil fuels or machinery, use predominantly organic growing methods, and are fabulously productive, while at the same time upholding the millennia-old tradition of living in union with Mother Earth. Russian gardeners' example shows that an agriculture based on the ideals of beauty, permanence, and non-violence is practicable on the national scale even in the industrially developed countries.

Groundhealing new research

Family Gardens: Russia's Primary Agriculture by Dr. Leonid Sharashkin presents what is probably the first comprehensive study of the monumental economic, social, and cultural significance of Russia's vast permaculture movement. Far from being an abstract theoretical study, Dr. Sharashkin's research is of crucial practical importance to anybody concerned with the future of humanity. Russia's unique family gardening practice offers a missing link to our understanding of how everybody can attain self-sufficiency while living a lifestyle gentle on the Earth.

FREE Download

The Earth gives so freely without asking anything in return. This is what we call the miracle of fertility. Believing that we can all benefit from following nature's ways, Dr. Sharashkin is making his entire 300-page doctoral dissertation available for a free download from this website, . Simply click here to download the PDF file (3 Mb).

Spreading the word

A gardener with over quarter of a century experience, and an innovative scholar with backgrounds in economics, conservation, agriculture, and forestry, Dr. Sharashkin has traveled internationally speaking on Russia's organic gardening and ecovillage movements and on the practical ways to put similar approaches to life anywhere in the world. If you would like to invite Dr. Sharashkin to speak at your event or in your community, or to contact him with any other questions, comments, or suggestions, please e-mail him at:


A young Russian enjoying the harvest from her organically tended garden.

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